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and I’m a Director of Marketing Operations, Search Engine Optimizer and Content Management System expert.

With over 17 years working in all aspects of website development, I’ve been a valuable asset for my clients, as I offer far more than just technical services, I can consult you on where you need to allocate your marketing spend, provide reporting and use data to drive your decisions, who has time to guess when sales are on the line?

For more information on services and pricing, please contact me and I will tailor a proposal unique to your business and budget.

Three Site Launches in April 2010

April was a great month for website launches and I am proud to announce three new websites for three really great clients!  It is a great pleasure for me to work with such a wide variety of clients and I enjoy every opportunity to learn more about a business and assist with website development.


Three Best Practices for your Blogging Strategy

Blogging is quickly becoming a must have feature for your website and your SEO strategy however it can be a tricky and sometimes fruitless venture until you are able  tap into  the pulse of the consumer or community you are looking to serve.  More and more people are reading blogs on a daily basis and blogs have become a wonderful channel to communicate with people and provide a mechanism for people to communicate with you in the form of comments.

This short article will describe three best practices for developing a successful blogging strategy.

  1. Get in the game – We have all heard the saying “You have to be in it, to win it” and this is true when it comes to blogging.  Blogs come in all shapes and sizes and there are quite a few blogging tools available to you. Google for 5 minutes on the subject and you will see what I mean.  Blogging can be a very fun and rewarding experience but you need to do some thinking about what you will blog about before you dive into the deep end however don’t let that stop you from  jumping  in and getting your feet wet.
  2. Blog about what your customers are interested in – If you understand what your customers are interested in you are ahead of the game and blogging about these issues puts your best foot forward.  Adopting this strategy removes the advertising aspect of your content but still helps you promote your business.  Ultimately, by putting the best interests of your customers first your blog has a better chance of appealing to readers and generating positive feedback.
  3. Blog Regularly – The great thing about blogs is that you can update it at any time, usually from any internet enabled computer so this gives you incredible flexibility to post new content at your convenience.  It is incredibly important to make sure your blog does not go stale.  There is nothing worse to the blog reading community, then a blog that hasn’t been updated in a year.  By sticking to a regular interval of blog posts, you not only create new search engine friendly content each time you post, you show Google that your website is not going stale and that helps with SEO efforts for your website.

These are just a handful of best practices for running a blog.  Keep in mind that blogging will require work so be prepared spend some time with it before you see any real benefit.  Don’t be too discouraged and hang in there because your voice can be heard and your posts will certainly help provide fodder for Search Engine Optimization.

Because blogging is so important these days, every one of my customer websites has a blogging platform built into their websites and I strongly encourage my clients to take advantage of this wonderful feature.

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