Having been developing websites for the past 9 years,   I have seen quite a few websites in my time in front of the Dual LCDs that span my desk,  some of them really boggle my mind as to who would ever visit,  let alone stay on these sites.  The truth is that websites have to speak to your market and there is a fine balance between glamor and website usability.

Some of the most beautiful websites you have ever seen are inherently difficult to navigate while some of the ugliest websites are raking in conversions hand over fist, why? They made it simple to use. Generally, you have under 4 seconds to make a good impression with your website and what your visitor needs to find, must be findable and fast!

Understanding why your visitors are coming to your site and how they are getting there is tantamount to a successful website that converts visits into leads.  With the rise of Landing Pages and the effectiveness of Google Adwords, you can test in real time simple, usable design that net results.